2019 Planning Workshop

planning photo.jpg

This is your chance to go completely offline, to exit the busy and create your 2019 plan -mindfully and purposefully

Imagine cozying up with other amazing women creating change in this world amongst the serenity of the trees with a crackling fire in the background.

Imagine taking deep breaths of mountain air as you curate your plan to take 2019 by storm.

Imagine the buzz of other brilliant minds alongside the roar of the river.

Imagine stimulating conversations with women who understand the challenge of standing out bigger and putting their voice in the world and creating ripple effects - they GET YOU - they are on a mission just like you.

Here is what we will accomplish and leave with, all while having the mental reset that is so needed:

  • Create your custom 2019 business plan or launching your idea into the world to achieve your financial/impact goals

  • Create the mindset strategy needed to execute this plan (hint: this is the missing piece why most entrepreneurs fail to achieve their goal)

  • Identify the obstacles that are holding you back and strategize in real time on these obstacles

  • Make powerful decisions beyond the doubt, fear or “I am not sure” and get masterfully coached through mental clutter that comes up before you leave.

  • Have a plan in tack to not only blow your business out of the water, but create proactive strategies and plans to prevent overwhelm and burnout before they happen

  • Learn the exact process I have used to materialize my dreams and not lose my shit


Sustainable Strategy

So often the women I work with are not tending to themselves in sustainable way. They know they “should” but demands of life and the excitement of creating a business and being ALL the things can put self-care at the bottom of the list and force us to build our business from overwhelm and reaction versus from a centered and purposeful space.

We spend so much time letting our business and life happen to us rather that steering the ship from a clear place ahead of time.

Results Driven - Human Driven

I am a real person - who has created real results for myself, my family and my clients. After years of being an operations director for a busy agency, helping support and begin my husband’s now multi-million dollar business as well as quadrupling my own income and impact over this last year I fully understand what it takes mentally and strategically create a successful business and a fulfilled life and I want to help you do the same.

I am not a unicorn, in fact quite the opposite, and there have been times when illness, children, fear, life and enormous personal debt threatened my dreams - but I learned how to navigate through it all with integrity and full blown human-ness. I am a master certified life coach, mind-body coach and mindfulness educator - so I am bringing all the power I have got to this session!

So are you in?

Here are the pertinent details:

  • Date: Friday December 7th 2018

  • Location: Private Retreat Center Welches, OR (1 hour outside of Portland)

  • Time: 9 - 6pm (Optional dinner and celebration at 6:30)

  • All meals, snacks and beverages provided

  • You will receive pre-work before our gathering so we can dive right in.

  • Investment: $400