Hi, I'm Danielle

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A little story about me...

Like you, I’m living the human experience. And perhaps like you, my human experience has a dimmer side. You know the place. Where you live in the shadow of a more polished and perfect self, like a silhouette. Where you try to hide behind what you think you should be, letting the outside world define you.

I’ve been there. I’ve suffered from it. And I’ve found a way to live in harmony with it.  

Years ago, I was in college working towards medical school, aspiring to be a neurosurgeon. I was not just going to be a doctor, but the most distinguished kind of doctor, what I perceived to be the most difficult to attain. But camped out in front of piles of books one day, something about it felt wrong. Like I was wearing someone else’s skin. I realized suddenly that a neurosurgeon was not who I was supposed to be, not how I was supposed to serve the world. After the many years of path-setting that brought me to that point, I closed the book and walked away. Then I dissolved.

For the next several years, I struggled to reshape my identity. I experimented with different health care and care taking roles and got close to people that struggled with pain and suffering. I wanted to help them, to solve a problem. And this problem solving habit bled into how I was handling my identity crisis. If I could only fix this (my body, my profession, my marital status, my living situation, my pain etc), then. . . happiness?

Reeling, I let my inner critic take over. The most manipulative voice in my head became my guide–and that asshole crushed me. 

I had worked myself ragged, aiming for the pinnacle of everything I did—school, career, homemaking, motherhood, entertaining down to the Martha Stewart perfect party list. My body was taking a toll and I refused to acknowledge it, until I my body stopped working, stopped performing, stopped functioning as it should. Stopped. 

Then truly all the things that now defined me, my external pursuits weren't there. I had nowhere to go but inward. I practiced yoga and meditated. I rejected and then finally embraced my pain, I forced myself to be with thoughts and emotions that seemed so uncomfortable, that I thought they might swallow me up. I practiced self-compassion and mindfulness, I dove into life coaching, and began rewiring my brain to notice the self-critic, and say kindly and politely “I appreciate you trying to keep me safe, but no thank you, not today.” 

I learned the tremendous connection between mental, physical, and emotional health. 

Only when I learned to befriend the inner scrutiny, perfectionism, and approval seeking fears did my true calling become clear. Finally seeing my wiser true self behind what I had created, I found a desire to guide others through similar, debilitating, self-imposed hurdles. 

As a practicing master certified life coach, mindset and mind-body coach, I help successful women and leaders achieve that next level of pleasure - in your body and your life.

I encourage honesty, compassion and self-work.  I’m a real person, with a real life and I want my clients to feel comfortable being real with me as we navigate that next level together.

I have up-leveled my life any every single way and I am so excited to do this for my clients as well.

Danielle’s approach is one that’s filled with love, kindness, and most importantly a deep sense of caring.  She incorporates meditation, science, and compassion to usher along healing in a way that I often find surprising - because I didn’t think I needed it. 


I am a Master Certified Life Coach and a Mind-Body Coach specially trained to alleviate symptoms of chronic stress and pain and a teacher of Modern Mindfulness. I am love working with the mindset of individuals to help them reach their insanely high goals, up level their lives and achieve the success in all areas of their life they are craving without sacrificing their health in the meantime.

I live in gorgeous Portland, OR with my two young daughters and my husband. Being in an entrepreneurial home and both my husband and I being business owners for the better part of my adult life, I understand the demands of having a successful business and being present and purposeful personally.

I have been studying and practicing yoga and meditation for  a decade. I have continued to increase my knowledge base by training and learning through a variety of world-renowned leaders in meditation, self-compassion, mind/body, and self-help including Martha Beck, Rick Hanson, Kristin Neff, and Christopher Germer. My biology and neuroscience background complement these ancient teachings and modern approaches and allow me to create a nice bridge between science and the ‘woo-woo’.

I am the founder of Modern Mindfulness - a current approach for real people who want real results - founded with ancient wisdom, back by neuroscience and fueled by real life shit. My approach is matter-of-fact, personable, humorous and sprinkled with a sh*t load of love.

Currently I am creating a retreat and workshop center on the foothills of Mt. Hood - completely secluded and surrounded by trees and the sound of the river. Taking reservations for personal retreats and offsite workshops.

My mantra is pleasure not pressure.


I serve any individual who: 

  • Who have busy lives, they have a lot on their plates and high expectations for themselves.

  • Is ready to reduce the stress and overwhelm of everyday life to achieve personal and professional success.

  • Wants more time to do the things they love (and to even figure out what lights them up!)

  • Seeks more confidence, is tired of perfectionism, and is sick of all the "shoulds"

  • Is actively involved in making this world a better place and needs tools for resilience, compassion, steadfastness and courage.

  • Feels like they are living their life on autopilot and is ready for MORE.

  • Wishes to get in touch with her or his inner wisdom and be brave enough to dream big, to courageously go after it and achieve that wildly impossible goal. I’ve done it and so can you.

  • Is uncomfortable in their body, whether it be from anxiety, stress, chronic pain, or postpartum changes

  • Wants a more pleasurable and joyous life!

I help my clients get beyond the should mentality in order to find lightness. Don’t stay in that place where you are on autopilot and constantly reacting to what life gives you. Let’s work together to change your story.