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Befriending & Becoming


Befriending and Becoming is a group program for busy women like you.

It is expertly crafted to help you improve your relationship with yourself & with change

So you can achieve the personal and career success and the satisfaction you desire. 

It is time to become more of the woman you want to be

It is time to stop living a life full on autopilot full of stress, overwhelm or doubt

It is time to step into action with more confidence, motivation and ease

Befriending & Becoming will show you how to make that possible

This 40-Day Course is For You If. . . 

  • You want to LIVE WITH PURPOSE - you are tired of your demanding schedule taking you away from the things you love most, even when you are physically doing the things you want to be doing you aren't often present with them. There doesn't seem to be any "me" time to explore your passions, to even take care of yourself, follow up with friends, to laugh with your kids or take that vacation.
  • You want to DO BETTER - at your job, at parenting, in your marriage or as a concerned citizen but feel like 'busy-ness' is holding you back from your full potential.
  • You want to FEEL BETTER - you are often irritable or frustrated or feeling down right defeated by life at times and you are ready to find that zing and pleasure
  • You want to TAKE ACTION - you have goals and dreams but have found yourself frozen or stuck in making real progress towards realizing them - are ready for some real change but are lacking the motivation to get things done.
  • You want to SPEAK UP - you have got something to say to your boss, to your spouse, to your in-laws, to your hairdresser that didn't get it right, to the WORLD - but you unwantingly find yourself worrying about what others might think of you - if you were to just live out loud.

Program Overview


Weekly Modules

Every week there will be a new module covering a topic in the Befriending and Becoming theme (i.e. Befriending Fear Becoming Courageous). These modules include informative and inspiring audios you can listen to on your commute, while working out or making dinner. They are peppered with digestible science, techniques and tools that you can apply right away! Each audio not only includes tons of valuable information but real life examples so you can understand how your life will benefit from the knowledge being shared. You will walk away knowing how to manage your fear, what to do about stress, how to speak to your inner critic, how to stay motivated and in action and SO MUCH MORE. This is the fourth year and 8th time this course has been offered and each module has grown and become richer and more valuable with age! The content has recently been revamped and I couldn't be more excited!

“Befriending & Becoming was an amazingly impactful class. From the shared space with so many open women, to the knowledge, love and humor from our teacher, Danielle; My heart and mind opened in the most beautiful way. Danielle has a way of translating ancient knowledge as well as up-to-date neuroscience in a very current and relatable way. Months later, I am still expanding and growing from the tools I learned in this class. Thank you Danielle!”
— Jamie D.

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Modern Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a huge part of the Befriending and Becoming journey and you will be encouraged to practice a mindfulness activity each day of the 40 days. But don't worry! Everyone's practice will look different and it is not a one size fits all! You will be provided with multiple options whether you are a newbie or experienced practitioner.

Each week you will also be provided with guided meditations to enhance the module we are studying as well as tips to help you stick with the practice and handle any bumps along the way. I have been doing this practice for 10 years, so whatever you are encountering there is a good chance I have gone through the same thing!

To help with keeping yourself accountable you will have a fun and creative tracker in your journal to document your progress.

Danielle’s tender and brainy support has helped me inch my way to a daily meditation practice, mindful living and, most importantly, a genuine sense of compassion for myself. What is more is that although I have shed some tears throughout the process, Danielle’s style is infused with laughter and keeps things interesting and fun. It’s been an absolute pleasure!
— Sarah D.

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This journey is about learning how your mind works, how your thoughts animate your emotions and how that causes you to show up in the world. It is not a sit back and watch sort of thing. You will be inspired to dig deep, it may feel uncomfortable at times, but celebrate we will!

To aide you in this process of self-discovery you will be provided with a uniquely crafted daily journal where you may write a little or a lot. There are questions meant to prompt deeper inquiry as well as space to record your wins and appreciations.

You can truly begin to befriend the beautiful woman you are so that you can become a more present mother, a confident woman, an empowered leader - become the woman you desire to be.

In life we come across ‘those people’, people who leave a mark, people who have a profound impact on our lives, people embodied with a magnetic force. Danielle is one of those people. The curriculum she desgins for her Becoming courses challenge you to evaluate your inner self, your feelings and emotions, your thought processes. She challeges you with her gentle spirit and grace to dig deep and uncover the treasures that await you (sounds cheesy but I promise it’s true!). Each week I walked way with discoveries that continue to influence and shape my life. If you are ready to do the work, you need Danielle. This is what she was born to do!
— Hoda P.

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Deep bonds and friendships have been born during this course - but beyond that it is so important that we have a safe space to share ourselves vulnerably - to be seen and to connect. When we courageously share our own experience we give our sister-friend the ability to see how she is not alone, that other women have experienced similar things, that we are all in it together. This space is safe, to be who you are without fear of judgement or ridicule. There will be an online Private FB community and depending on your investment level multiple opportunities to meet in person (which is the BEST)!

With the help of meditations, audios lessons, an army of loving, accepting, brilliant sisters, and the support of Danielle as a coach, I was able to take a good long look at myself and launch into this difficult work of embracing who I am and getting vulnerable in the world; of living “out loud”. The meditation practice has simply changed my life. I have been working on it for so long and it didn’t really stick until hearing Danielle’s stories and experience with how challenging it is and how much our mind f*cks with us. How to catch it and how to step back and call it out. Through meditation and the work in this class I feel like I am able to be embodied and am starting to really listen to my emotional self and that wisdom from within. Something magical happens in this class because of Danielle’s leadership and the space that she creates and holds for people to show up exactly as they are.
— Katrina R. Elementary school teacher, mother of two, queer
“Taking part of ‘Befriending & Becoming’ has been one of the most valuable gifts I have given myself as a woman and human being. In a perfect world, I would want to take this class every single week of my life! I really loved the accountability and being around a community of women who validated my journey in so many ways. Danielle is an exceptional instructor who was born to teach...she truly leads by example and gives her students the space to be their true selves.”
— Mahsa D. Actor, Model, Chef and mother of two


Masterful Coaching

I love what I do and the women that I help and am so SO passionate about this course and helping you get the most out of it. I know this material inside and out because I don't just teach it, I LIVE it. Each week there will be a Inquiry Power Hour where you can ask all the things or get coached! These sessions will be recorded for all to view if you are not able to make them live. 

Danielle is real. Her work is grounded in science and she knows what she’d doing. She’s like the most helpful girlfriend you’ve ever had. I felt like an equal with her, which is not something I was expecting to experience after years of a therapist/patient relationship. But that doesn’t mean that we were just chit-chatting. We were doing solid, transformative work. And some of the stuff I learned during our sessions and the Befriending and Becoming course absolutely transformed my life.
— Cecily C. Actor, Life & Mindfulness Coach

Enroll Now

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Online Training:

  • Online Training Program
  • A VAULT of information to help you improve your relationship with yourself and your mental happeningsnso you can achieve the success and satisfaction you desire in your personal and professional life!
  • VAULT includes over 40 audio lessons and meditations, worksheets, journal prompts and more!
  • Physical journal that will be mailed to you.
  • Private FB community of amazing women
  • Weekly Online Q&A Session, group sharing and coaching.

Investment: $297

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  • Complete Online Training Program (as outlined)
  • Kick-off 3 hour in person workshop on Sunday July 15 2:30-5:30 pm - Forest retreat center 45 minutes outside of Portland

  • Optional community potluck following July 15th session

  • Experiential activities, mindfulness training, community building and more

  • Mid-way 1.5 hour workshop Tuesday Aug 14th 7:30-9pm Portland area - to further the knowledge we are learning in the course, advanced mindfulness techniques, mind-body connection and self-compassion training

  • This in person work is not to be missed!

Investment $397


VIP Experience

  • Complete Online training and in-person workshops

  • 1 Personal Retreat & Immersion day which includes a 4 hour in-person session with me and a solo night to retreat from the daily grind and walk away renewed and refreshed.
  • During the session together we will deep dive into whatever you want! Plan your next business moves, unpack a goal, set boundaries and create a self-care regimen. 
  • The Retreat and Immersion Day will be held in a gorgeous secluded home in the foothills of Mt. Hood. Surrounded by the sounds of the river and solace of the forest you will find deep stillness, inspiration and calm.
  • 1 month of email coaching to help take the VIP day further - including accountability, mindset and help with creating the life you imagine.

Investment $1397

On the fence? Not sure if this is right for you? I would love to talk with you and uncover what is nagging at you and if this course could be the answer. Click below and lets go over ALL the things. xoxo

When I came to this course I was struggling with anger, fear and hurt of a situation that I felt I was hurled into despite my best efforts to avoid. It was a true shock that kept replaying and reliving daily and moment to moment and I felt paralyzed. The most transformative part of the experience was how actually realizing that instead of getting rid of the hurt, pain and anger but it was to sit with it and feel it but also feel it with the goodness that is there in life. With meditation and the conversation on how the brain works, I understand that compassion for myself in challenging times goes a long way. Being kind to myself, elevated me to walk with and see gratitude in everything. Knowing I was in community of women made it easier and was also hopeful because I feel like there is power in numbers of reclaiming peace and happiness. The audio, meditations, exercises and journal writing were pathways to making the concepts stick. All together they were elixers to my new way of life!
— ABA, Attorney in public sector, wife and mother of two

Choose the LIVE or VIP option and a friend can join you for ONLY $199! 

Option to add friend to the LIVE for this smoking deal at check out! The more the merrier!

The Basic Details

  • Start Date for online training is Monday July 16, 2018
  • End date Friday August 24th, 2018
  • Modules will be released weekly, there will be a a recommended order to listen to lessons but you can always pick and choose as well
  • Q & A sessions will be held each Wednesday in our online FB community at 12pm PST. If you are unable to join you can submit questions ahead of time. Each session will be available to watch replay and will be posted within 24 hours.
  • Live Workshops  (included with LIVE version): 
    • Sunday July 15th 2:30-5:30 pm (optional potluck to follow)- picturesque forest retreat center 45 min outside of Portland, Oregon
    • Tuesday August 14th 7:30-9pm Portland area (location TBD)
I just wanted to share that I got the job offer! I wanted to say thank you to you as I feel our classes and the coaching session over the last couple months have been really key to helping me get my confidence and trust in myself back after this crazy summer! You are so awesome at what you do and it has seriously been a joy to have those classes with you and the other wonderful ladies.
— Sheryl H.


Sign Up by Monday July 9th and Receive these Bonus Trainings!

Bonus Training 1:     Mindfulness for Children   How to bring mindfulness into the lives of your kiddos. Presented by founders of Imagination Yoga, a national leader in bringing mindful curriculum and yoga into the classroom.

Bonus Training 1: 

Mindfulness for Children

How to bring mindfulness into the lives of your kiddos. Presented by founders of Imagination Yoga, a national leader in bringing mindful curriculum and yoga into the classroom.

Bonus Training 2:     Mindfulness for Leaders & Entrepreneurs   How mindfulness can help you become an effective leader and successful entrepreneur. With Chief Founder of Opal, George Huff. Learn from his journey of creating and leading successful start up company.

Bonus Training 2: 

Mindfulness for Leaders & Entrepreneurs

How mindfulness can help you become an effective leader and successful entrepreneur. With Chief Founder of Opal, George Huff. Learn from his journey of creating and leading successful start up company.

Real Results From Real People

Here are some of the many outcomes that women who participated in Befriending & Becoming experienced: 

  • More present with family and friends
  • Less reactive (irritable and frustrated) and more calm
  • Overall improved happiness
  • Ability to be with and process through uncomfortable emotions like anger, resentment and fear
  • Confidence to get job offers, promotions, start businesses, ask for raises, speak on stage, start dating and finding love
  • Understood how to set boundaries with people in her life and at work to create more time in her schedule for priorities and "me" time (without the guilt)
  • Understood how to actually be kind and let go of the inner critic. Able to approach self with encouragement and support.
  • Shifted from hating body and always working to improve it to celebrating, loving and accepting herself
  • Greater connection and more passion with partner
  • Navigate very difficult life transitions like job loss, divorce, marital affairs, miscarriages, chronic illness and death of family members
  • Ability to reduce anxiety and become more outgoing
  • Caring less about what others thought - more adventures, bolder life choices, getting out of bad relationship, dancing - living unapologetically as her
  • A greater sense of connection with humanity and purpose in this life
  • And so many more! This is just the beginning :)

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Who Am I?

Danielle Savory. A Master Certified Life Coach and Modern Mindfulness Expert, with specialized training in Mind-Body Coaching specifically designed to help my clients find relief of symptoms from chronic stress and pain. 

I am a mother of two little ones, a business owner, the wife of a start-up founder, a wild woman, a neuroscience nerd, a female pleasure advocate and a feminist (in training, always learning). 

Founder of Modern Mindfulness - "Ancient Wisdom, Backed by Neuroscience, Fueled by Real Life Sh*t."

Befriending and Becoming course is a journey towards self-awareness, compassion, reflections and acceptance. With the tools that Danielle presents you will be better armed/prepared to face your daily challenges in a more productive and effective way.
— Sara B.

So much changed for me (through the program). I am so much more aware in EVERY way.
— Kirstin S.