Do you find yourself constantly striving for the woman you *should* be? That woman you *could* be?


Befriending and Becoming is a truly transformational 1:1 coaching program that focuses on showing you exactly how to befriend, fall in love and embrace yourself so that you what unfolds is the woman who you truly are meant to be. And what does that even mean, the woman you are meant to be? It is the beautiful, messy, multifaceted woman that you are right now, the difference is you just love and support her fully. It is because you know there is something more in store, it is because deep down you know you are worth it but maybe don't quite believe it yet.  Perhaps you are launching into this self expedition craving a more meaningful presence in this world, or you've been through a recent change or life crisis that has you confused, overwhelmed, and dismayed. 

This 1:1 coaching program is for you if you're looking to:

  • Learn techniques that create lasting inner change. Understand why previous attempts at "self-improvement" didn't have the impact you were hoping for or you are just ready for that next level.
  • Gain clarity around what it is you are truly meant to be doing. Tap into your genius and put that sh*t out into the world in a big way! You will develop more understanding of your own inner wisdom, your secret sauce and how to trust it and follow it.
  • Do courageous things with your life, have the tough conversations, travel the world, work a job your really love.
  • Ability to recognize the inner judgmental a*hole and learn how to cultivate a more loving and accepting relationship with yourself and become liberated by the walls your mind has confined you to.
  • Free up your precious time for you, your passions, your learning, your creative genius so you feel energized and confident doing your thang.
  • Recognize when boundaries are needed with love ones, your time, or career and exactly what you need to do to set these up. 
  • Not feel so shitty. Seriously, there is no need my love. We will work together so that you can learn how to navigate both physical and emotional pain in a way that you get the nourishment you need to feel joyful and inspired by your life.

Are you ready to live your life differently? Like the epic amazing woman you are but unwantingly, care about what others think about YOU? 

Do you put other people's needs before your own? At the end of the day all you have left to give yourself is a glass of wine and seat in front of your newest Netlfix obsession?

There's a way to actually be yourself and love that person! You are a woman that is cabaple of self-kindness, assurance and confidence. 

In order to become the woman you are meant to be you must first befriend who you are right now, (seriously no more bad mouthing!) embrace and celebrate her and the becoming will naturally follow! 

Modules that we will focus on:

  • Befriending Chatter: Becoming Clearer.

Learn how to bring more awareness insight into your mental patterns and habits. How you can befriend all that chatter rather than focusing on clearing the mind and why this is useful.

  • Befriending Discomfort: Becoming Compassionate.

Learning how to endure discomfort rather than reject it or push it away is truly the key to following through with any goal and fulfilling your highest value. Self-compassion is a way in which you approach yourself with kindness and understanding in the midst of personal set-backs, challenges, failings, or difficult situations. 

  • Befriending Inner Critic: Becoming Kinder. 

It is impossible to have any sort of awakening or insight if we are constantly at war with ourselves. Learn how your self-critic actually does have your best interest in mind, though the tactics aren't always the most efficient. We will explore what exactly your critic might be saying and how to transform this voice into a kinder mentor for your personal growth.

  • Befriending Sensations: Becoming Embodied.

Being able to access your true self, heart’s wisdom, soul, etc you must understand what is going on with your mind and body. Your body is one the greatest vehicles you have to gain clarity on the direction you are meant to go and the person you are meant to be. The body can communicate with you before your mind even has a chance, but to be able to hear what it has to say you must practice listening.  Learn actual ways, through practices and meditations to tap into the language of your body's wisdom.

  • Befriending Fear: Becoming Courageous. 

The biological reason we have a fear response is to detect threats and therefore keep us safe, but often times “threats” in this day and age are not putting us in any real danger. Learn how fear manifests, how you can befriend it and not let it stop you on your courageous actions.

  • Befriending You: Becoming Joyful

You can actively take in the good, plant the positive! All mental resources make the inevitable a little bit more bearable, think an umbrella and rain boots for the shit storm. Inner strengths are both innate and learned. Learn exactly how you can recognize, seek out and practice the pleasure and more positive happenings in your life and then USE these experiences and a little thing called neuroplasticity to create more joy and resilience.


The purpose of this program is to set up a structure that will allow you to develop new habits and to be guided through tools, all meant to create more awareness of the unconscious thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back while bringing your conscious mind and your deeper self in direct connection with one another. 

Program Details

You will choose between a 3 or 6 month coaching relationship with me. 

During this time you will have:

  • 2-3 Coaching calls each month. We will decide on a duration of 45 - 75 minute calls depending on what it is we are focusing on and your integration period between each call. I prefer to keep these flexible as everyone's needs are different and truly want to meet you and your learning style as we both deem fitting
  • A plethora of handouts, journal prompts, Becoming Bonus Challenges, audio/video teachings and guided meditations that I have curated over the years to support this in depth personal journey. These will be offered to you as is relevant through our coaching relationship to enrich your learning and awareness.
  • Personalized guided meditations, mind-body or visualization audios as needed to support you.
  • Detailed session notes, inspired action steps, and links to resources referenced for EACH coaching session. All of this added support is created in a shared Google document where you may add your own notes. Clients have found this extra attention to detail invaluable to reference. 
  • Additional support in between coaching sessions through email or shared document as questions or "ah-ha's" arise I will be right there with you to help guide and celebrate!
  • The 6 month program also includes an in person VIP Day with me in Portland, OR. (Please note I am willing to travel in expenses are covered). During this day together we will map out what it is you desire in your personal life, career or spiritual growth and create a game plan to make it happen. This day will be balanced with head down work, mind-body practices and pleasure and connection - the perfect combination!
  • The 6 month program also includes a 1 Day Personal Retreat Guide just for you. My greatest moments of personal growth, connection and deep realizations have happened on a solo retreat. But you HAVE to know what to do with your time to make it worth it. I will provide a "how-to" personalized guide just for you that you can use over and over again.


The first step and overarching theme is to befriend who you are. This may sound simple or daunting, but accepting who you are, with out the judgement and self-criticism is the KEY to making any type of changes. This is not a self-improvement coaching relationship. Even the word improvement indicates that there is something “wrong” with you that needs to be fixed or a part of you that you deem unacceptable. I assure you this mindset won’t get you were you want to be. Growth and becoming happen, but it happens from a place that is already accepting, that is already ok with where you are at right now and that is how lasting change is made. That’s where we start, here, now, just as exactly as you are in this moment.