Befriending & Becoming Group Program - Spring 2018

Do you find yourself constantly striving for the woman you *should* be? That woman you *could* be? If only there was more time, less stress, less commitments to ALL THE THINGS. 

Details for this transformative course announced very soon! In the meantime sit tight and if you KNOW this is something that you want then go ahead and get on the first to know list by filling out the form below.

Praise for Befriending & Becoming

"Befriending and Becoming course is a journey towards self-awareness, compassion, relections and acceptance. With the tools that Danielle presents you will be better armed/prepared to face your daily challenges in a more productive and compassionate way." -Sara


“Taking part of ‘Befriending & Becoming’ has been one of the most valuable gifts I have given myself as a woman and human being. In a perfect world, I would want to take this class every single week of my life! I really loved the accountability and being around a community of women who validated my journey in so many ways. Danielle is an exceptional instructor who was born to teach...she truly leads by example and gives her students the space to be their true selves.” - Mahsa D.


“Befriending & Becoming was an amazingly impactful class. From the shared space with so many open women, to the knowledge, love and humor from our teacher, Danielle; My heart and mind opened in the most beautiful way. Danielle has a way of translating ancient knowledge as well as up-to-date neuroscience in a very current and relatable way. Months later, I am still expanding and growing from the tools I learned in this class. Thank you Danielle!” - Jamie D.

"Life can make us feel isolated and stuck when it gets hard. Through this class I not only connected to some amazing woment to lean on, I learned how I am my best resource. I learned how to take control in a loving way and my life will continue to improve because of it." -Julia T.


"In life we come across 'those people', people who leave a mark, people who have a profound impact on our lives, people embodied with a magnetic force. Danielle is one of those people. The curriculum she desgins for her Becoming courses challenge you to evaluate your inner self, your feelings and emotions, your thought processes. She challeges you with her gentle spirit and grace to dig deep and uncover the treasures that await you (sounds cheesy but I promise it's true!). Each week I walked way with discoveries that continue to influence and shape my life. I fyou are ready to do the work, you need Danielle. This is what she was born to do!" -Hoda P.


“So much changed for me (through the program). I am so much more aware in EVERY way.” -Kirstin S.

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