What it's not like.

  • I do not give advice and do not tell you what to do with your life - no opinions here
  • I don't claim know what is best for you, but I will help you understand that for yourself
  • I don't let you get away with doing nothing, thinking the same unconstructive thoughts, and hoping the universe will just bless you with a rainbow filled life

What it is like

  • I skillfully and compassionately listen
  • I help you decipher what you really want out of your life and what might be getting in your way and then a plan how to get you there
  • We work together—You guide the way, I hold the space
  • You learn compassion and kindness are way more motivating than your inner bully - then how to manage that critic and cultivate the mental resources needed to 
  • You start feeling lighter all around: physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The results

  • Love for yourself and the life you're living, without compromising the things you don't really want to do
  • You stop believing the negative stories you tell yourself
  • You choose pleasurable things in your life more, because damnit why not?!
  • Decisions become easier because the answers become clearer.
  • Not only do you realize what is important and what it is you really want, but you also know how to get it.
  • You know how to set up your life so you don't feel dragged down by culture, your boss's, or your family's agenda.
  • Fear is no longer drives you to be someone you aren't, and it's no longer the deterrent keeping you from leading the awe-inspiring life you know you are meant for.
  • You are intimately connected to your body, it is no longer the enemy, but your trusted companion.
“Danielle’s style of coaching, is beautifully unique. She connects with me first on a human level which gives me the safety to be vulnerable and then she gently guides me based on MY needs. I start a session so fired up about a particular issue that has been eating me alive…and of course I am convinced that my perception of the situation is the only truth. I end the session with a completely new & healthy perspective…as if I have just taken off foggy goggles and can see and feel more clearly. Danielle’s coaching has transformed my quality of life and sense of self.”

Ready to start? Need more clarity? 

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