Superwoman Summit
to Oct 21

Superwoman Summit

I am sooooo thrilled for this event. Last year was a blast and I cannot wait to take the stage as a keynote speaker this year addressing the dreaded fear that we all have. How to befriend and how to become more courageous in our lives.

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to Oct 22

Superwoman Summit


Yay! This is going to be so amazing. Please come and join me for this inaugural summit of women leaders and change makers!

I will be doing a talk called "Nevertheless She Persisted" in which I will go into the science behind what allows us to do our big brave things in the world and some mindfulness techniques to use right now to help with resilience and will power to do your shit!


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Combat Cravings - An Online Class
1:30 PM13:30

Combat Cravings - An Online Class

Cravings are one of the BIGGEST hurdles to overcome to make the real change that we desire. 

Craving for food that isn't healthy

Craving for comfort (i.e. our bed) when we really want to get up and move

Craving a drink or a smoke or our phones. The list goes on and on.

So why do we have cravings and what do we do about them?

Join me for this live online class where I will discuss:

  • The neuroscience behind craving, like what your brain is actually doing and why it matters.
  • What this looks like in real life
  • How your brain and body actually begin making moves to satisfy a craving before you may even be aware of what is happening and how to stop this.
  • And how to actually begin to dismantle this neural connection and combat your cravings once and for all.

There will be a downloadable guided mediation for all registered participants to help navigate your cravings.  There will also be a worksheet to accompany that will help you gain more clarity around the cravings you are facing, how they are blocking you from the change you are trying to make, and then actionable steps to take to begin creating change.

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12:00 PM12:00

Superwoman Group Coaching Call - FREE

As part of Superwoman commitment to helping female leaders thrive in the workplace,  there will be 10 FREE group calls over the next 10 months leading up to The Superwoman Summit 2017. 

I will be joining Jessica Williams to discuss mindfulness in your professional career.

This group coaching call is for all women and men in leadership who feel called to transform themselves and the system to support the career development of strong, successful, female leaders.

Please RSVP here

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EmPowerEd Event
9:00 PM21:00

EmPowerEd Event

I am so thrilled to announce that I will be one of the featured speakers at the upcoming 2nd Annual EmPowerEd Event happening on Sunday, May 21st, 2017. Join me and a powerful, supportive community of women in a full day experiential retreat immersion. 

Breakout sessions led by international experts in financial empowerment, sustainable beauty, inner confidence, and embodied wellness.

We will move, step into our highest version of our selves, and be the CHANGE that we wish to see.

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9:30 AM09:30

Mindful Morning Meetup

One of the things I hear the most in between classes and even during programs is the difficulty in meeting like minded people. So lets hang out, all casual and real and stuff ;)  Get to know one another, on the human level; in a safe community where there is no pressure to be anyone but yourself. 

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