We all learn in different ways. Some of us prefer to ease into things, wade through the waters a bit, while others are ready to dive deep. So I offer a variety of ways to get you going.

Workshops/Groups go deeper. These programs are designed to take you on a self-discovery journey. You learn the tools, engage with others in the group, get a bit vulnerable, and walk away with a deeper connection with yourself and others.

"I just wanted to share that I got the job offer! I wanted to say thank you to you as I feel our classes and the coaching session over the last month have been really key to helping me get my confidence and trust in myself back after this crazy summer! You are so awesome at what you do and it has seriously been a joy to have those Monday nights with you and the other wonderful ladies!" 

Mindfulness/Meditation Classes are a great way to learn some tools you can take home, ask the questions you need to ask, and get the support you need. I approach these classes from a scientific place, making them accessible to individuals who may be battling skepticism (I was that person).

"I would recommend this class to all humans experiencing the modern world we’ve created: the anxiety, fast-paced, swipe right, 140 characters or less culture. This class rests on one the ability to cope, transform, and alter one’s state of being and existing in our world."


  • Oh yes, they are coming, and I am so fucking excited! Stay tuned.
"I always feel energized after our talks and leave with a new perspective I had never thought of."

Dining Events are all about fun, community, and a little bit of coaching and sharing to inspire and ignite your drive. These are not to be missed and are a great way to connect with like minded bad asses. 

"Thank you so much for sharing your truth with us...your way with words & ability to convey your raw emotion is admirable. I have felt shame around my need for validation pretty much all my life. Hearing your truth took a huge weight off my shoulder...human connection is powerful."

Current Offerings

Wild Women: Wild Summer

a curated summer experience to reclaim your birthright as a woman- raw, untamed, wild power.

Befriending & Becoming

A 1:1 Coaching experience to Befriend who you are to become the woman you truly desire.

The Practice of Pleasure

a unique 1:1 coaching program for women who are ready for more pleasure in their lives