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How To Not Lose Your Sh*t During These Crazy Times - Session 3

Wow! It has only been a couple of weeks into this new presidency and there has been so much to take in and so much action that is being done. Maybe you have been making the calls, writing the letters, having the difficult and necessary conversations with strangers or family members, educating yourself on privilege, inequalities, immigration laws, women’s rights, white supremacists, federal education decisions, future of the EPA etc. And it is A LOT. Perhaps you are finding yourself overwhelmed. Perhaps stressed or anxious. Wanting to crawl into a hole and wait the next four years out. Fear and worry may be coursing through your veins. Desiring to just numb out like the old days, but unwillinging because that is not an option. You must stay informed, outraged, engaged and active because nothing about this is OK.


But here is the thing, operating at this level is NOT sustainable.

Our fight and flight nervous system is meant to be engaged periodically, not on high alert or simmering for the long run. You will burn out. You will begin to become numb to horrendous things that are happening in our country. And neither one of those is acceptable. This country needs you. It needs me. It needs every single one of us to step up in our own way and fight for the injustices that are happening. 


The movement however does not need a haggard, emotionally drained and reactive you. It needs you at your BEST. You speaking from a responsive place. You approaching situations with genuine compassion. You not being controlled by your emotions. 


Mindfulness, along with other mind body practices and tools, will help you create resilience, willpower, self-awareness and care that will help you stay involved for the long run.

Join me for a free series of classes where I will guide you through some tools to help you handle scenarios that you may be facing in todays political climate. 

Ways that you might create the brain state that is responsive vs. reactive. How to set up boundaries. How to sort through the mind clutter that "the sky is falling" and find the words and thoughts that will encourage wise action. How to care for yourself. How to handle uncomfortable emotions like grief, fear, shame and worry. Why self-compassion is important, scratch that necessary, in this moment in time and what that might look like in your life. How to stay steadfast.

This is a series of 3 sessions with different topics discussed in each. Come to one or all three!

There will be some time set aside for open discussion and questions as well. 

Again this is totally free. I hope you will join and bring along a friend.

Space is limited, please reserve your cushion here.