What would being centered and calm look like for you? How would things change? How would you stand in this world if you felt confident?

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Is anyone else feeling the chaos right now - or is it just me? That underlying residue of unease and “what is going on?” and “it just feels like too much” … if you’re feeling it, I have something for you!

If you’re anything like me, then the kids are back in school (damn how did that happen??!) and it feels like NOW is the perfect moment to reclaim your "you time” - time to explore your needs, wants, and, frankly, yourself more. 

Do you sense that this season will be a time for a new direction? A shift with your career or business? A new habit? Are you ready to make a decision and move forward with change but have no idea how?

Maybe your meditation practice has stalled out over the summer months and you’re ready to get centered again this fall. And I’m sure we could all use a bit of stillness right now, in the short lull before the holiday season arrives. 

Does this sound like you? Are you feeling it, too?

Well, did you know that I help my coaching clients with all of these things? 

I am certified as a Life Coach with Martha Beck (Yes, I was trained by Oprah’s own Life Coach, so when you want to live your best life, I know exactly how to help you do that). My professional practice is informed by this training as well as my neuroscience background and the in depth decade long study of mindfulness in a variety of modalities.

As a Mindfulness Leader and Body Intelligence Coach I have helped my clients, not only feel better, but feel inspired, capable, confident, self-compassionate, more present with their kids, more loving towards their partners, more sensual in their bodies, more courageous in their life, and a centered sense of calmness. SO THEY CAN…. actually live the life they want, make decisions that move them forward AND experience more pleasure in ALL areas of their lives. 

This 1:1 coaching program is for you if you're looking to:

  • Gain clarity about what living ‘full out’ looks like for you
  • Connect more deeply with your body (if you feel like you always live in your head, this is for you). Appreciate it, understand it, trust it, relish in its pleasure.
  • If you have been longing to feel more confident to be seen in the world
  • Have more fun at home! Be present with the ones you love, enjoy yourself!
  • Feel less stress - at work, home, in social situation - I mean come on we all want less of this sh*t
  • Finally climb that mountain that has been in your way for years (you know which one) or take that big scary leap
  • Gain clarity around what it is you are truly meant to be doing. Tap into your genius and put that sh*t out into the world in a big way! You will develop more understanding of your own inner wisdom, your secret sauce and how to trust it and follow it.
  • Free up your precious time for you, your passions, your learning, your creative genius so you feel energized and confident doing your thang.
  • Not feel so shitty. Seriously, there is no need my love. We will work together so that you can learn how to navigate both physical and emotional pain in a way that you get the nourishment you need to feel joyful and inspired by your life.

Fall is a special time, because it’s a time of transition and change. I want to help those men and women who feel the calling to Mindfulness and Confidence end the year Centered, Calm and Strong. 




Coaching with me can help you to fall into rhythm with your life, in a way that feels empowering and inspiring.

My Coaching Fall Special – Centered and Calm works like this:

All coaching sessions take place on the phone or over Zoom - your preference!

There are two coaching options to choose from . . .

Option 2: Dive Deep - Confidence Commitment

Ready for some real change this fall?

Want to have an expert on your team helping you each step of the way to create the life and presence you desire?

Maybe a little nervous, but so ready to take the deep dive and change things up for the better?

Got a goal in mind?

Then this is your best bet!

  • Three months of coaching - 2 session each month
  • Initial 90 minute intention setting call
  • Each session is a after is full 60 minutes
  • Additional support including detailed session notes, action steps with accountability, email coaching if needed
  • Supplemental resources - including suggested reading material, journaling prompts, audios and meditations curated just for you!


One Pay Option of $890 ($297/month) or 

Three monthly installments of $317 (total of $951)


Option 1: Testing or RE-freshing

New and a bit skeptical coaching and want to try it out?

Coached with me (or someone else) before and need a couple of check-ins?

Busy schedule but still ready to commit to getting yourself centered and calm?

Then this option is for you!

  • Three months of coaching - 2 session each month
  • Initial 45 minute intention setting call
  • Each session after initial call is a quick 30 minutes - but don't worry we can cover a lot!


One Pay option of $297 ($99/month) or

Three monthly installments of $107 (total of $321)



Fall comes once a year. It’s a time to recenter, reconnect, and recommit to loving ourselves. If you want to start the new year as a fresh, clear, confident you - reach out.

There are only 12 spots open for this discounted fall special! 

If you’re ready to start your Centered and Calm Coaching sessions, Click below and reserve your spot! 



Here is what PAst client's had to say about working with me:

“Danielle walks her talk and that's what drew me in most. Her energy....how raw she is. I knew Danielle would understand me as a mother, wife, and ‘ambitious women in her 30’s’ level.  In the past, I had a really hard time with boundaries. I felt overwhelmed with motherhood and the need to do it all and be perfect. I had a lot of fear that was holding me back from adventure and rich life experience. I felt like my life was a giant bubble of guilt, obligations and to do's. I also didn't own my voice - my power. 
Then, I started working with Danielle and she gave me permission to feel, speak honestly, fuck up, fall down, 
get back up and be my full self. I've gained a lot of clarity... Even in the midst of confusion, I'm so much more clear on my intentions. 
She changed my life... She has encouraged me to embrace all that already exists in me and to also fulfill all that I'm capable of. She is a gift in my life. In every way. A reminder to be true to
myself and live life fully.”
- Mahsa D.


"Danielle's gift, her offering is her: she is so talented, the way she pulls together holistic elements, whether it’s creativity, meditation, breathing, thought work, creative writing, strategic planning… she is able to help her clients uncover the magic that awaits them in an effective and systematic way.

Danielle is helping me to shift and release my hatred towards my body. In moments of negative dialogue or self criticism, I remind myself that my feelings are VALID - that it's OKAY and absolutely normal and human to feel sadness around rejection, to feel angry about something I don't agree with, to feel happiness and freedom when I'm immersed in my body. 

There's never an end point in self discovery - there's always something waiting to be discovered or uncovered. Knowing that I have Danielle in my corner and as a resource allows me to continue my self evolution.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to leverage her teachings and influence carry her with us in our daily lives :)"


"I just wanted to share that I got the job offer! I wanted to say thank you to you as I feel our classes and the coaching sessions over the last month have been really key to helping me get my confidence and trust back after this crazy summer! You are so awesome at what you do."

"I would highly recommend Danielle if you are in need of a supportive coach that empowers you to go after what you want and allows you the space to be seen and heard. She is like a dear friend who encourages and accompanies you to uncover hidden emotions and then helps you navigate through whatever pops up on your journey towards self-discovery.

Coaching was a new adventure for me. Before I began, I knew I wanted to gain more clarity in my life and be more present with myself, my mind/body, especially during a painful time in my life. 

Danielle guided me to uncover hidden emotions I was feeling around my miscarriage. Feelings I had felt shame and guilt around, and most importantly, she let me know those feelings were okay to feel.

During our sessions, we created a mindful meditation practice for my morning routine, changed my self talk to a more positive and compassionate tone, and committed to honoring my boundaries.

I felt way more clear-headed with each session we did and towards the end noticed a shift in how I started bringing more intention & mindfulness to my daily decisions and emotions.

I am now dedicated to continuing with this momentum by working on pushing past fear and fully stepping into my personal power more. 

Danielle is truly a blessing that came into my life right when I needed her support most and I’m forever grateful for that. THANK YOU! "

-R. H.


What are you waiting for?!? Let's get going! It will be the New Year before you know it!


Questions? I am happy to help! Hit me up ;)

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