You just as you are is more than enough. 

It's true, life is tough. But it's also truly beautiful when we give ourselves permission to experience it that way. Our minds can be tricky SOBs; crafting stories, scenarios, and impossible standards that we orient our entire lives around. The result? Well, it sure isn't happiness. Life, though challenging, doesn't have to feel like a constant battle. Having the audacity to dream and achieving your loftiest goals is possible. Treating yourself as you would a best friend is possible. Actually having fun, enjoying your life and running or leading a business is possible. I can help you find a kind of happiness that is just the right fit for you: light, airy (see-through, even) because you won't be hiding behind a facade or a shadow of yourself. You'll be too busy feeling confident and centered in being you.

Big changes going on in 2019 - including a website revision - considering this place hasn’t been updated in a couple of years! So stay tuned! In the meantime check out my upcoming podcast, It’s My Pleasure, coming January 2019!

When I reached out to Danielle, I was not quite sure what I was looking for. I was curious and simply knew I wanted to connect. Now, looking back, I see that what has come of our coaching sessions is something I could never have quite intended. Danielle’s tender and brainy support has helped me inch my way to a daily meditation practice, mindful living and, most importantly, a genuine sense of compassion for myself. What is more is that although I have shed some tears throughout the process, Danielle’s style is infused with laughter and keeps things interesting and fun. It’s been an absolute pleasure!