My Profession - defining it as it unfolds

I call myself a life coach because that is what I am certified in, that is the process that I have trained hundred and hundreds of  hours to help guide people. I am also so much more because my training has extended hundreds of hours beyond that both informal and personal practice setting. But what does a life coach even mean?

Because to just describe myself as a life coach often times feels vague and incomplete. I have struggled with this label because what it means to the world and what it can mean to others.

I am an empowerment coach. Not because I shared the ways that women have been portrayed in culture, in family, in religion in our history but because I help women find the permission they need with in themselves to be who exactly who they are. All the shiny bits that they show the world or hide out of fear of boasting and also the bits that makes them feel uncomfortable and shameful. They become empowered because they begin to befriend it all, and this self acceptance and approval is empowering as fuck.

I am a mindfulness coach not because I teach people how to pay attention to their internal and external worlds on purpose but because I help them learn how to approach their experience with nonjudgmental curiosity and genuine inquiry. To begin to see things how they are and then to become aware how her own perception can paint it. 

I am a compassion coach. Not because I force feed another “should" about the need for concern for yourself and others. But because I hold space for others to pause long enough to notice that suffering is occurring; that pain, sadness, anger, jealousy, disappointment, and rejection are in fact part of life, its what makes us part of the human collection and discomfort makes you connected, not alone. That understanding this and holding yourself (and in turn others) with this wisdom and then meeting it warmth and tenderness is the way to become courageous, because what is there to be afraid of when you know you got your own back no matter how things turn out? When you know you are part of something bigger.

I am a mindset coach. Not because I spew positive affirmation but because I have been a neuroscience nerd for years. I use the science we have about incredible power of neuroplasticity to help you take a deep look at how your thoughts are shaping your life and how by understanding and rewiring your thinking you can create the outcome you desire through the power of perception and the continuous thirst from what is true.

I am a body intelligence coach. Because it goes beyond our mindset. I guide people to inhabit their physical form, to traverse the layers of tissue and notice the sensations present. To gaze upon these sensations with utter fascination. To warmly cocoon those sensations that are uncomfortable and be seduced and transformed by the ones that ignite you. How to trust your body, no matter if you feel like it has failed or betrayed you in the past. To understand and make decisions from your body's own wisdom and to feel confident in those decisions.

But most importantly I am a compassionate witness, a space holder and the window at which you gaze through to realize your own brilliance. At the end of the day none of this is about me, at all, it is about you and your journey. I am simply here to help you uncover that beauty and wisdom that is already with in you. To really see it and experience it.

I would be honored and humbled to be all of these things and more for you. If you wondered what it would be like to work one on one with a coach I have a very special offer for you. The spots for my Fall Coaching Special have been filling up and there are only a couple of spots left to work with me this year. If you are on the fence, curious, or even a little intrigued I would be happy to chat with you more or if you want I am happy to connect you with one of my past clients and so you can hear more about what it is like to do this deeply important work together. 

Here is what a recent beloved client had to say about our work together:


Danielle's gift, her offering is her: she is so talented, the way she pulls together holistic elements, whether it’s creativity, meditation, breathing, thought work, creative writing, strategic planning… she is able to help her clients uncover the magic that awaits them in an effective and systematic way.

Danielle is helping me to shift and release my hatred towards my body. In moments of negative dialogue or self criticism, I remind myself that my feelings are VALID - that it's OKAY and absolutely normal and human to feel sadness around rejection, to feel angry about something I don't agree with, to feel happiness and freedom when I'm immersed in my body. 

There's never an end point in self discovery - there's always something waiting to be discovered or uncovered. Knowing that I have Danielle in my corner and as a resource allows me to continue my self evolution.

Those of us who have been lucky enough to leverage her teachings and influence carry her with us in our daily lives :)