Connecting Mania

These last few days have been a whirl wind of connecting and inspiration. It started Wednesday night attending and entrepreneurs gathering, Thursday night with an unbelievable group of doers and visionaries at the Council Meet-Up, and then World Domination Summit Friday through late (very late) last night with 1000 people committed to learning, growing and changing the world for the better. And then this morning connecting with my Boss U ladies, mastering our craft and doing our thing in the most supportive and empowering way I have ever witnessed.

Each time I got to meet another person or listen deeper to someone share their story I felt awe for all the wisdom that we collectively hold.

It is sharing our humanity, our experiences, our vulnerabilities that allow us to see that we are not alone.

When you are surrounded by 1000s of people doing simply astonishing things and being amazing humans is is easy to slip into the tangles of comparing how you measure up.

But comparisons do nothing but harm you and isolate you from the connection we all desire. 

As I listened to the stories of speakers, new acquaintances and old friends I found utter joy in witnessing the beauty of people having the courage to be themselves. Because no matter what you are doing in this world you do it the best when you do it by being you. 

So my take away isn't to run off and try and be like all of these brilliant humans, but to continue to embrace myself, to remember my own brilliance and to boldly and unapologetically be as me as I can be.

So much gratitude for all of the connections I made and unbelievable thanks to those I spent hours with this last week that welcomed and loved me for me.