Pleasure and Profit Planning Retreat 2019


Step into a new reality for 5 incredible days to work on mapping out your most PROFITABLE and PLEASURABLE year yet!



Why not get a head start on 2020 this fall? So you can can come back and hit the ground running to create your most fabulous year in your business and beyond.

For five incredible days you will be soaking up the luxurious California sun, immersed in powerful conversations with other entrepreneurial women all while learning and implementing exactly what is needed to take your business and YOU to the next juicy level.

Let’s get your business werking and twerking!

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All work and NO fun . . . .

Here’s the thing, creating your dream business takes work, but who said you can’t have fun doing it? What makes this retreat so unique is that not only will you walk away with a firm plan in place to create profitable success you will understand exactly how to incorporate more pleasure in your life to make it sustainable and enjoyable.

You didn’t go into business on your own to be miserable and exhausted, so let’s create an exact strategy to ensure that this doesn’t happen along the way.

You are the average of the people you surround yourself with . . .

We have heard it time and time again, but this couldn’t be more true when it comes to creating success in your business.

On this retreat you will be surrounded by other women entrepreneurs who understand you, because they are you. We will challenge one another. We will celebrate one another. We will immerse ourselves in purposeful conversations that are open, honest and go far beyond surface level. You will walk away with a renewed confidence in what you are creating in the world and the support of women who will be right there with you far after the retreat is over.

Beyond the pleasure, the connection and the all out FUN you will also leave with:

  • Your personalized business plan for 2020

  • Mindset strategy to overcome hurdles through out the year

  • Social media strategy with 30 posts ready to use right when you get home

  • Step-by-step process to create your most authentic and compelling content

  • Personalized meditations to solidify your belief and offer yourself support on the journey

  • Mind-body exercises to get you out of your head and experience more pleasure in your body

  • Your personalized pleasure plan for 2020

Meet your coaches . . .

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Hi! We are Lindsay and Danielle, two coaches who have built multiple six figure businesses and are excited to show you exactly HOW to do it, with some seriously good coaching and a whole lot of love. Because we get it, the struggle can feel sooooo real at times. Lindsay loves to focus on the hard truths to help you fully step into your profit potential and Danielle makes sure your achiever self is balanced in mind, body and getting you some pleasure. Together we are a dynamic duo and are committed to helping you create your most memorable year.


So are you IN????

Here’s what’s included!

  • Incredible dinner kick-off . . . bring your most fab outfit

  • Luxury house with pool, hot tub, all the amenities. Each guest will have their own room.

  • All exquisite meals and drinks included

  • Adventurous outing

  • Soooooooo much mind-blowing coaching . . . private sessions, small group and private group

  • Experiential tools and exercises to elevate pleasure and presence in your body and business

  • Access to TWO experienced coaches to ask the questions, bounce off the ideas and help you navigate this entrepreneurial journey

  • And of course some TOP SECRET surprises, because we can’t share alllll the details with you

  • You get your booty here and will take care of the rest!

The Nitty Gritty Deets:

  • Wednesday November 13 - Sunday November 17, 2019

  • Palm Springs, California

  • Investment: $5000 (one time payment) or $1900/month for three months

SOOOOOO thrilled for all the women who have already committed and can’t wait to see who else will going us!!

Have more questions? Go ahead and email us below!