Ep. 14: Interview with Marriage Mentor Maggie Reyes

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If you are looking for any tips on how to have a brilliant marriage filled with love and pleasure then Maggie has the answers for you! Seriously. She does. Like allllll the answers. She is a marriage and relationship expert and I love our conversation - how to talk to your partner about sex and pleasure, how to notice and close up those loops that may be keeping you from pleasure, and how impactful a delicious sex life can ACTUALLY be in your marriage, health and impact on the world.

To access the link Maggie mentioned in the interview please visit  https://modernmarried.com/creatingsafety

Maggie Reyes is a Certified Life Coach and Modern Marriage Mentor who helps smart women have better marriages. Her romantic-yet-practical approach to love has appeared in numerous publications including Brides, Bustle, Lifehacker, Martha Stewart Weddings and the nationally syndicated radio show Day Break USA. She loves super hero movies and chocolate. You can find her online in her free group The Better Marriage Club on Facebook.