Ep. 25: Elevating Your (Sex) Life Pt. 2 Capturing Your Attention

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This is part two of our three-part series about how to elevate your sex life. The purpose of this series is to focus on the foundational skills that are going to help with your presence and purpose in your sex life and all areas of your life. Part one was about bringing your thoughts to the forefront of your awareness. Once you are aware of your thoughts, you can capture your attention in order to shift your mindset, which we cover in this episode. 

Our mindset is made up of thoughts we think over and over that create our beliefs, and these collections of thoughts and beliefs create an overall disposition that will create a reaction to particular events, and can also show up in our behavior. As it applies to sex, your mindset can affect your attitude and disposition. So it is important to take a look at all of the learned beliefs and how you can change them in order to have mind-blowing sex. 

Topics in the episode

  • Recap of part 1 in the series

  • Definition of mindset

  • How mindset applies to sex

  • The benefit and act of writing down your observations

  • Noticing the reaction to your thoughts 

  • The role of Cognitive dissonance in your sex life 

  • Noticing what is capturing your attention, and redirecting your mind on thoughts that will serve you 

I hope this episode is going to help you capture your attention back so that you can get to your desired result. If you’re loving this podcast and what you’re learning on here, and are ready to apply it at a deeper level to experience mind-blowing sex and success, I encourage you to reach out for one-on-one coaching. This is where we take the work even deeper, and you’re going to see massive changes in all areas of your life. To learn more, go to http://daniellesavory.com/coaching.