Ep. 27: A New Take On Oral with CEO Melanie Cristol

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In this episode, I’m so excited to share with you the conversation I had with Melanie Cristol, founder and CEO of Lorals. In her role as a peer sex educator in college, one product that came up occasionally was the dental dam. It is a flappy sheet of rubber that is used during oral sex on a person with a vagina. It can be inconvenient and uncomfortable to use, and she knew she wanted to create a product to help women and people with vaginas experience more pleasure during intimacy. 

Lorals are incredibly silky panties that are designed to maximize sensations and minimize worries while you are receiving oral sex. In addition to sharing her journey from how she went from being a lawyer to an entrepreneur, she also details the personal skills she possesses that prepared her for creating a product in a taboo space. 

Topics in this episode

  • Difficulties in using and buying dental dams that inspired her to create a new product

  • Reasons why people turn down oral sex, and how Lorals can help solve those problems

  • Overcoming “who am I?”

  • How Tourettes has given her the courage to be able to create a product in a taboo space

  • Why it’s important to have more “taboo” conversations, especially for people with vaginas 

  • Defining and discussing the pleasure-gap

  • Benefits of orgasms, and how love and intimacy leads to a healthy and happier life for people 

To learn more about Lorals

Website: https://mylorals.com/

Instagram: @mylorals https://www.instagram.com/mylorals/?hl=en

Twitter: @mylorals https://twitter.com/MyLorals