Ep. 30: 30 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex NOW - Pt. 1

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In honor of today being the 30th episode, I want to focus on 30 key takeaways, one from each episode so far. It is so fun to see all of the things we’ve talked about and the topics and information that have been shared. I know how easy it is to hear something, and it goes through one ear and out the other. So I want to take the time to go through and grab each episode and get the essence from it to jog your memory and remind you some of the things we’ve talked about. This episode will be key takeaways from the first 15 episodes, and next week we will cover the other 15 episodes. 

Episode 1: Your brain and your body are wired and equipped to experience amazing, mind-blowing pleasure. What is getting in the way of your desire? What is keeping you from pleasure? 

Episode 2: In order to receive more pleasure, we must set the intention for more pleasure. We have to actually be willing, open, and present

Episode 3: Stress and sex don’t mix. When stress exists in the body it can get in the way of us actually experiencing a pleasure. A three-pronged approach to have a mindblowing sex life. 

Episode 4: Get out of your head and into your vagina. In order to experience ultimate pleasure during sex, we have to pay attention to the sex that is actually occurring. 

Episode 5: You can make a longtime lover new again by adopting the beginner's mind in your relationship in order to not get bored. 

Episode 6: You’re not broken, and sexual pleasure is available to you too. Give yourself permission to be exactly where you’re at. 

Episode 7:  Letting yourself fail. In order to learn how to be sexual, you have to remember that you are in fact, learning.

Episode 8: The goal of sex is not to have an orgasm. Learning how to let go of the end results. When you’re focused on the big-O, you create more pressure for yourself or your partner, and usually, the outcome isn’t pleasurable. 

Episode 9: Schedule sex. Schedule sex. Schedule sex. 

Episode 10: A conversation with Rachel Sample, founder of The Felt Sense, on how to create explicitly erotic situations that can help usher in arousal. 

Episode 11: Vacation sex. Give yourself permission to relax, have fun, or even be a different version of yourself and do the things you don’t normally do in everyday life. 

Episode 12: Pain and pleasure in the body. Learning to accept pain the body and how to detach from it in order to see the other things the body is also experiencing. 

Episode 13: Sex is the connector of every single desirable trait we want to have in our lives and in our business. Going after your sexual pleasure potential is personal growth at the highest place. 

Episode 14: A conversation with marriage mentor Maggie Reyes on how to identify the things that might be taking us away from our pleasure potential, once we decide to go after it. 

Episode 15: Talking with Laura Haddock, founder of Lora DiCarlo, about the often overlooked connection between being sexually pleasured and being a boss. 

I hope you enjoyed this run down of what I think are the juciest and fun bits over the last 30 episodes. Today we went through episodes 1-15, and next week I will go through episodes 16-29. I want you to know that I appreciate you so much. I love bringing this podcast to you every week and hearing about how it’s changing your life and relationship with sex