Ep. 32: Body Image and Sex

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Today we are talking about body image, which is a hang-up for many of us. I think it is safe to say that most women have been insecure about the way they look, and it creates obstacles for us to create more sexual pleasure or empowerment. This is something I truly love working with women to overcome in order for them to have a love affair with themselves, and to own the beautiful, badass, sexy women they are. Sexy is the relationship you have with yourself, and I want to help you re-build that relationship so you can access the sex you deserve. 

Topics in this episode

  • The narrative in our minds

  • The role of self-criticism before and during sex

  • Would you say that to someone else? A friend? Your daughter?

  • The response of your sympathetic nervous system

  • You have to be the one to have amazing thoughts about you.

  • Shame is the opposite of desire

  • Re-building your self-image happens in stages 

Thank you for joining me on It’s My Pleasure today. As always, it’s been my absolute pleasure sharing with you, the way to begin rebuilding the relationship you have with your body, and I truly hope you take this to heart so you can start owning your pleasure and your body in a totally different way. If this message resonated with you, please know, this is the exact type of work I do with my clients. It is possible for you to feel amazing in your body. Let’s get you feeling amazing right now! If you want to hop on a call and see if coaching is the right step for you, email me at daniellesavorycoaching@gmail.com