Ep. 33: How Other People's Opinions Effect Your Sex Life

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In last week’s episode, we began to talk about how self-image affects your sex life. I want to go even further this week and talk about how other people’s opinions can affect your sex life. We have a choice of whether or not we allow unkind comments other people say into our thoughts. Many of our beliefs have been learned by how we were raised, and the messages we got, and the world we live in. These beliefs can greatly influence our fears about ourselves, and especially about our sex, which keeps us from pursuing pleasure and desire. 

I want to share with you that the truth is really what we choose it to be. Not caring what others think isn’t easy, but it is the most liberating thing there is. It will free you and allow you to connect more with yourself so that you can go after your pleasure and go after your sexuality.

Topics in this episode

  • You are responsible for the integrity of your thoughts

  • The foundation of our “home” and how it affects your sex life

  • Negativity bias 

  • How to overcome negative thoughts and self-talk

  • Defining your truth

  • Having an appreciation for your fears 

  • Why others’ opinions hurt, and how to change it

As always, it’s been my absolute pleasure sharing with you how to not let other people’s opinions affect you so much, and get in the way of your sex. I hope this episode will help you let go of caring so much about what other people think, and instead, work on the relationship you have with yourself so that you can continue to find your own pleasure. I hope this message resonated with you, and if it did, just know that I am here. If you ever want to take this work deeper and do some one-on-one coaching, please reach out to me on my website.