Ep. 34: I Have So Much To Do... No Time For Sex

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So far in this podcast, I’ve talked a lot about big-picture stuff, like how pleasure can change your brain for the better. And also, how to have the right structure and environment so that you can create desire and pleasure can enter. At this point, I would love to start getting more detailed on what actually comes up with some of my clients and how I coach them through it so you can start doing the same. What I really want to talk about is this idea that you have so much going on, you have so much on your plate, the predominant thought you have when it comes to sex is, “I just don’t have time for that” or “I’ve got so much to do”. What I want to show you is how to prioritize your “why” in order to make time for what you need. 

Topics in this episode

  • Time is just a construct

  • When we feel busy, we don’t have time

  • There has to be a compelling reason

  • Why is it important to you? What impact will it create?

  • The beneficial impact this can have on your business

  • How sex evolved, in your thoughts, to become an effort

  • Decide, commit, follow-through