Ep. 31: 30 Ways to Have Mind-Blowing Sex NOW - Pt. 2

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In last week’s episode, episode 30, we started going through all the topics that have been discussed thus far on the podcast. I thought it would be so fun to recap the information that’s been shared, topics that have been discussed, and conversations so that you can remind your brain of the things we’ve discussed. And by doing so, it can ignite and inspire you to go back and listen, take some deeper notes, and actually apply, implement, and integrate what I talked about in that episode so that you can see real change.

Episode 16: Decluttering for pleasure. Just like decluttering is important for our external environments, we can also do this work for decluttering for pleasure as well. Bring your awareness to the things that are getting in the way of pleasure. 

Episode 17: Priming the body for pleasure. This comes back to not getting fixated on the outcome, but really enjoying the journey. 

Episode 18: Our need to control a situation often keeps us from reaching our pleasure potential. What will it mean if you lose control? When you courageously answer these questions, you’ll realize that it’s not nearly as bad as you make it out to be. 

Episode 19: Having a sexy and loving mind is the key to creating change in your sex life. Your thinking creates your results. How we think directly affects how we feel. 

Episode 20:  In this conversation with my dear friend and former client Mahsa Darabi, we discuss how Motherhood does not have to mean the end of your sex life.

Episode 21: One way to create more sexual desire is to never say no. It is about giving your brain and your body a chance to actually explore the proposition of sex without defaulting to the automatic response you typically have.

Episode 22: Sex is about your pleasure. Sex has become a “should” for your husband, your marriage, for your reputation, or what you think you’re supposed to do as a woman, which makes it become about something outside of you. But we are changing the narrative around it for ourselves and for generations to come. 

Episode 23: It is your responsibility to go after your pleasure. Take back what is rightfully yours. Your pleasure isn’t your partner’s responsibility. You get to decide how you want your sex life to look, and you get to do something about it. 

Episode 24: This was the first of a three-part series, focusing on elevating your sex life. Becoming the observer and aware of the thoughts happening in your brain gives you the ability to actually do something about them. 

Episode 25: Once you bring awareness to the type of thoughts you have, you can really start to notice where your attention is captured. This allows you to be able to bring your thoughts back, on purpose, to what it is you want to focus on. 

Episode 26: Become embodied, meaning, to reside in your body with awareness. Wake up to what you are feeling and the sensations that are present. By doing this, you create the skill so that will open you up to pleasure. 

Episode 27: An amazing conversation with Melanie Cristol, founder of Lorals, a thin panty that can be used during oral sex. When we decide that pleasure is attainable and necessary for us all, amazing inventions such as this can happen. 

Episode 28: We have to believe that pleasure is possible. It seems simple, but it’s not a thought most of us are actively thinking. What if pleasure was possible for you?

Episode 29: The importance of the pelvic floor as it relates to pleasure, a topic discussed with orthopedic physical therapist, Buffy Stinchfield. Many women tighten up in this area so much, and as a result, they may not experience the pleasure that is available to them. 

I am so ecstatic and proud of all of the topics we’ve discussed so far, and I am thrilled to bring you even more. Thank you for joining me. I hope you have found these 31 episodes helpful in tapping into your pleasure potential. If you want to take this work deeper, I would love to work with you one-on-one. I currently have a few spots available in this truly transformational journey. If you’re ready, interested, and serious about this important and empowering work, please email me: daniellesavorycoaching@gmail.com