It is my wish that you can learn to embrace and celebrate ALL of you, every single delicious inch.


Sister friends, it is time.

It is time we stopped criticizing, doubting, running away from who we are, pretending certain parts don't matter, that we don't matter. 

It is time we got brave with those parts of ourselves that seem scary or off limits. It is time to honor ourselves, to prioritize our wholesome needs, to love ourselves fully and unconditionally. 

It must be a discipline to acknowledge the delight that is within you and all around you. 

The world around you will tell you no, will exclaim you can't, that you aren't worthy. 

As so it is, we learn about the practice, the steadfast practice of pleasure and how a woman fulfilled is an unstoppable force.

The Practice of Pleasure is a unique self-study program for women who are ready for more pleasure in their lives


This program uses a unique approach by looking closer at your relationship to pleasure and specifically sexual pleasure as a lens to see what is keeping you from encompassing and living your true potential.

This is NOT a "sex program" where the focus is on erotic techniques - it is a journey to seducing your inner wisdom to be heard through fully inhabiting your body and thus discovery your innate eroticism.

What we do focus on is getting you in your body, going to deeper and working with the emotional, mental, and physical blocks you may have so that you can experience all the pleasure that your body is capable of.

Working with clients I have found that starting with our most intimate relationship, the one we have with ourselves, especially our relationship with our own sexuality quickly highlights exactly where the personal work is needed. It is like a little microcosm of all that is going on in all parts of your world.

For many of us it is simply the shift of choosing ourselves as being worthy of pleasure. But even this simple shift may bring up big resistances, after all as women in this culture our needs, and especially our physical pleasure, is never placed at the top of our to-do's. It is rarely if ever condoned and certainly not encouraged.

It is learning how to change critical self talk to kindness and understanding. So that all of you, every single inch of you is seen in your eyes of be worthy, accepted, and allowed.

It is being courageous enough to get vulnerable so that the intimacy and connection we are craving can arise.  

You will learn how you can set appropriate boundaries with yourself and others so that you free more time up to participate in those things that light you up.

We work on creating the internal conditions with in ourselves that make us feel at home; cozy, safe and loved so that when we face big bold things in the world we are supported, not needing that outside approval.

Through The Practice of Pleasure we actively rewire the brain to be less negative, we step into that place that feels like confidence, feels more focused, feels energizing and free. 


This is for you if . . .

  • You are exhausted, tired, and worn thin from work, kids, obligations, life! Sex feels like one more "should" like one more thing on your to-do list.
  • Sexual pleasure and pleasure in general are just not something you have time for or maybe you don't desire it like you once did.
  • You are dealing with anxiety, chronic pain, or postpartum changes and it feels uncomfortable to be in your body.
  • You are ready for a deeper more intimate connection with yourself and with your partner.
  • You are ready for more joy and delight in your life, in and out of bedroom. You want that magic, adventure, and confidence
  • You are looking for ways to tap into your own inner wisdom, your intuition and creativity.

Program Overview

  • 16 week 1:1 coaching program
  • Includes 8 - 50 minute phone or video sessions, also including one kick-off call to map out your intentions for the program 
  • Recorded audio lessons to listen to at your leisure - these audios include lessons on self-compassion, mindfulness, the neuroscience behind pleasure, stress, and mind-body connection, as well as ways that you may discover more about your mental patterns
  • 5 Expert Bonus Talks (read more below) to compliment the work we do together of stepping into that empowered woman
  • Guided meditations that can be used to help create conditions in your mind and body to exhilarate desire and open you up to pleasure
  • Email support in between sessions with detailed notes and inspired action steps to follow through on.



The Practice Of Pleasure: Step By Step


Taking an intimate look at how your unique background, history, family and cultural influence have shaped your relationship with your sexuality, femininity, and pleasure. Finding where the mental blocks or patterns of thinking have held you back and letting these blocks guide you through a reconnection with your desire and accessing you innate ability to experience extreme pleasure. 


Skillfully directing your attention away from distracting thought and open your awareness to experience the body and become aroused, cultivate joy and pleasure in all areas of your life. The tips and mind-body techniques you learn in this step will build through out our coaching time together and enhance your life at large.


Self-compassion changes everything. Learn how to transform negative self talk into kindness and understanding. Create a safe place with in yourself so that you can feel supported in being vulnerable in your relationship with yourself and others.


Courageously asking the simple question, "What do I feel" to open space with in the body and create better context so that deep connection with yourself can happen and conditions are more optimal for you to receive pleasure and joy in your life.


Learn how to engage with yourself and with others from a place of integrity and alignment with your deeper desires and intuition. Confidently employ wise boundaries so that you may make decisions based on what feels right in your body.


In this step we learn how to tune into your inner wisdom and trust her to guide you in decisions in and out of the bedroom. Learn how to distinguish the difference between your own mental chatter and that deeper knowing with in you.

Bonus Talks

I have gathered a group of five amazing women each whom has a made it part of her own personal mission to uplift other women and be in service to them realizing and experiencing their worth and magic. These women understand the importance of pleasure and femininity and making change in our world. Ladies this is what sisterhood is about, creating a safe space where we uplift, encourage, and celebrate the women in our lives. Each one of these women are a gift to your journey and will complement the deep work we will be doing.



Listen to my interactive writing and coaching call with Jen Violi--- author, writing mentor, facilitator and all around magical woman---as we explore the aroused woman, in our own words. How we see and experience her. How we bring her to life through writing. And ultimately, how we embody her and tap into that power. Beginning with guided meditation, our journey moves into playful free writing, embodied instruction on finding the gems of insight in our words, and finally an intentional writing, imagining ourselves as the turned on powerful women we truly are.




Listen in as Stacey Andon, BARE certified life coach, shares a transformational exercise to guide you through opening your heart to your physical body. So many of us carry judgement and criticism when it comes to our physical form, begin to shift this mindset by listening with compassion to what your body wants to say to you. I share my experience with this exercise and get real naked and vulnerable with Stacey.





Conversation with Jennifer Alyse, photographer, passionate entrepreneur, and activist for positive change. This lovely woman shares her insight and wisdom in the power of being seen, being courageous through vulnerability, and power in owning your truth. We also discuss the role physical pleasure plays in shifting our communal role and how this has the potential for widespread positive change.





Robin Allen - Professional wardrobe stylist and creator of The Closet Cleanse discusses the importance of dressing for your self and no one else. All the internal work you are doing deserves to be reflected to the external world. Robin shares with us her expertise on how this can be achieved through your wardrobe -- starting with your intimates! Oh yes, ladies your panties and bras are where it all begins. You can't build a strong structure with out a solid foundation! Her lesson and tips will help build confidence, discover self-love and inspire you to see that choosing you is the only choice.



Conversation with Jessica Williams, Founder of The Superwoman Project about how to step into your feminine power in your work or business to allow for more freedom and joy in your career. The feminine is powerful and fierce, and when balanced wisely with the pervading current masculine you can cultivate a happier work life while staying in alignment with your true self. Learn how to access your feminine superpowers and use them to make decisions, be more productive and achieve greater success in your work in this powerful conversation. 



What others are saying

“Danielle’s approach is one that’s filled with love, kindness, and most importantly a deep sense of caring. She incorporates meditation, science, and compassion to usher along healing in a way that I often find surprising - because I didn’t think I needed it.
“Thank you so much for sharing your truth with us...your way with words & ability to convey your raw emotion is admirable. I have felt shame around my need for validation pretty much all my life. Hearing your truth took a huge weight off my shoulder...human connection is powerful.
“Danielle’s style of coaching, is beautifully unique. She connects with me first on a human level which gives me the safety to be vulnerable and then she gently guides me based on MY needs. I end the session with a completely new & healthy perspective…as if I have just taken off foggy goggles and can see and feel more clearly. Danielle’s coaching has transformed my quality of life and sense of self.

So are you ready?

Ready for more pleasure? Ready for more self acceptance? Ready for deeper connection and compassion with yourself and those closest to you? Ready to find that magic with in yourself and your life?

I am!



  • 16-week 1:1 coaching program
  • Includes 8-50minute phone (or video sessions) with just you and me! Also including one kick-off call to map out your intentions for the program 
  • Recorded audio lessons to listen to at your leisure - these audios include lessons on self-compassion, mindfulness, the neuroscience behind pleasure, stress, and mind-body connection, as well as ways that you may discover more about your mental patterns
  • 5 Expert Bonus Talks (see above) to compliment the work we do together of stepping into that empowered woman
  • Guided meditation that can be used to help create conditions in your mind and body to exhilarate desire and open you up to pleasure
  • Email support in between sessions

I am limiting this program to only a select few women who are really committed and ready to make some real change in their life. It takes dedication on your end as well as on my end.

The nature of this work will involve trust, vulnerability, and courage. Because of this I am requiring a 30 minute interview with each woman before admitting her to the program. We will use this time to get to know each other so that it is the best fit for the both of us. 

Reserve your interview spot now.