Wild Women: Wild Summer - a curated summer experience to reclaim your birthright as a woman- raw, untamed, wild power.

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Remember the ecstatic wildness we used to feel as children on the last day of school?

Picture yourself on the last day of fourth grade - running out the front door, ready to sink your toes into the soil and make tree forts with your best friend. Or lie on your back all day under a blue sky, reading your favorite novel.

What does summer mean to you now?

For most of us, it can mean the same thing as the rest of the year - hunched over our computers, trying to make ourselves small enough to fit into our own demanding schedules or family schedules or social schedules (read: weddings, showers, BBQs ad nauseum) and then all of the sudden it is Labor Day and we are wondering what the hell happened? What precious memories did I create?

That’s why I’ve designed Wild Women: Wild Summer - to recapture the childlike wonder of the adventurous, creative, reflective summers of our youths - but in ways that work for busy, adult women. 

Wild Women: Wild Summer is a 10-week program in all the wild, natural beauty Oregon has to offer. This program is brimming with adventure and deep reflection to share with yourself and other women, specifically curated to facilitate reconnection with the untamed sensations summer has to offer.

Wild Women: Wild Summer will...

  • Help you use play and pleasure as ways to accomplish your goals and harness resilience
  • Build community with like-minded women and connect deeply with yourself

  • Escape the hunched over, domesticated, and rushed summers adulthood have to offer

  • Participate in mindfulness opportunities, deep learning and outdoor adventures facilitated by an expert in their field.

If you’re ready to rekindle your wild flame, let’s go on this journey together.


In our modern world of screens and demanding deadlines, it’s easy to let the wild woman in each of us go into hiding.

Our lives are based on meeting expectations, hustling from this to that, not based on our bodies, natural cycles, and connection with our communities.

So what’s a driven woman who isn’t willing to give up her whole modern life to do?

I’m a busy woman with a small business and two young children myself. I’ve grappled with how to live into my true wild nature while meeting my goals and family obligations.

That’s why I’ve made this program - to take a breath of fresh air and adventure while being able to go to do what you gotta do next day. 

I’m in love with facilitating workshops with groups of women, and something I’m blown away with every time is the power of connection we have. When we foster a safe space to open up and be vulnerable, negative stereotypes about women being "catty" seem all but laughable.

Wild Women: Wild Summer is designed to give you the courage to show up with no mask. To create a community of women who are there to cheer you on, lift you up and believe in you so fiercely. A community of women who celebrate your brilliance alongside their own.

During Wild Women: Wild Summer, we will...

  • 2 Day Camping Trip. Wild women fully immersed in the wild-erness. Enjoy 4 acres of completely secluded Mt. Hood Oregon forest along the bank of the Salmon River, with private beach access, creekside meditation, field for sunbathing and exploring/hiking galore. During this trip, we will dig deeper into our roots and beliefs surrounding our own beauty and sensuality and origins of our femininity in the safe container that only the trees can provide. We will welcome the wild within as we build a bonfire and burn those stories we were told about our feminine nature that no longer serve us. Wake up among dew drops feeling refreshed and cleansed in the crisp morning air. Saturday arrival 10-11am. Departure Sunday, late afternoon. Bring your own tent and sleeping gear, meals provided (2 lunches, one dinner, one breakfast), toilets available.

  • 2 Happy Hour Hikes. Meet us after work at a trailhead nestled in the city. Each hike you will be given contemplative questions to mindfully hike through and then there will be time for discussion, reflection and connection with insights gathered on the trail. Will meet at determined trailhead at 6pm.

  • 1 Wild Women Backyard Dinner at my home where we will feast on wild caught (by me!) Alaskan salmon. This will be our first in person packed with all kinds of goodies to get us started for an amazing summer. 

  • 1 Day trip to Breitenbush Hotsprings. An afternoon of soaking, meditation and communing with nature. The cost of exploring the grounds and lunch is covered as part of the tuition for the program. During this day trip we will explore our vulnerable and deeper held beliefs about our bodies as we discuss our choices to bath naked or not in the glorious hot springs. There will be plenty of time to gather and discuss openly and safely our own experiences with experience of "disrobing", options to partake in meditation and mind-body visualizations, as well as time for solitude and reflection. Day passes are good 9-6pm. First meeting time will be at 10am.

  • 4 50-minute private coaching sessions with me. Use these sessions however you wish; truly learning how to befriend yourself and be your biggest supporter, ways to reconnect with your body whether it is to access greater pleasure, relief from pain or tapping into that intuition. We will use our time wisely to get really clear about what it is you are desiring more of in life and how to create the internal resources to get you there.


Ready to tap into your wild woman? Join me. 

Now taking names for the first to know interest list for Summer 2018! Don't want to miss out? Want to make sure you have the dates in the calendar? 


Will Open for Enrollment February 2018