The women I work with and am surrounded by tend to be high achievers. Like many of us they struggle to see how to make time for pleasure when they are already so busy with their careers, families and pursuit of goals. In this episode, I am delighted to share with you a conversation I had with my friend and coach, Stacey Boehman. Stacey is one of the most ambitious and high-achieving women that I know. In our conversation, she shares insight into how she intentionally and consistently makes pleasure a priority, both in the bedroom and beyond.

Topics in this episode

  • What it looks like to date yourself, and why you should
  • The power in being able to turn yourself on
  • Untangling the patriarchy from our pleasure
  • Recognizing when other things are taking priority over sex, and recommitting to it
  • Building a business as a pleasured woman
  • The freedom of an unbound life
  • Breaking out of the default mode
  • How to get into the moment when caught off guard
  • Committing to courage and vulnerability in the bedroom

As always, it was my absolute pleasure to share this with you today. I hope you were able to see from Stacey just how important it is to be intentional in your commitment to pleasure. Yes, life is busy and hard, and other things may come up, but staying committed to your result of being a pleasured woman will benefit you, those around you, and your business.

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