Happy Mother’s Day ! I want to celebrate all of the momma’s out there who are investing in their pleasure, and talk about the specific hurdles I see for my client’s who are mother’s and the ability for them to connect with their pleasure. As a momma myself, I see you, and I see the challenges you face. I want this episode to serve as a reminder to put yourself first, your pleasure as a priority, and to hold yourself with love and kindness. So often, when women become mothers, that serves as their identity. And yes, you are a mom, and you are so much more, and it is your birthright to be a pleasured woman. 

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Topics In This Episode:

  • Celebrating the wins of a client
  • How we can redefine our motherhood from burnout to pleasure and joy
  • Looking at how the narrative of struggle plays out in our role as mothers and as partners
  • Advocating for our pleasure and for that of other moms
  • Setting pleasure as a priority, instead of an afterthought
  • The results we create when we start from a place of pleasure
  • Investigating our self talk, and how it affects our relationship with ourselves and those around us
  • Removing the pre-momma version of you from a pedestal


Resources Mentioned:


As always, it has been my absolute pleasure to share this with you today. I want you to see that pleasure is so possible for you with your full schedule and with your children needing you. It is still possible. And not only is it possible, you deserve for your pleasure to be at the forefront of your mind. It will create delight in your body and in your life that fuels you and allows you to show up differently.
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