Your inner bitch. We’ve all got one. You know, that voice tells you you aren’t good enough, that makes you doubt yourself, and is so judgemental about your every move. Not only is she saying things to you when you’re having a sex session that can take you out of the moment, but also impacting your pleasure even when she is chirping in about your parenting or procrastinating or whatever else.


In this episode, I share with you some of the things my inner bitch has said to me in the past, help you identify and separate her voice from your own, and share with you why its important to show her love and be able to take the power back with your thoughts to be able to continue to prioritize your pleasure. 


Topics In This Episode: 

  • How our inner bitch’s thoughts become our beliefs about ourselves
  • What it means when our stress cycle is triggered 
  • Taking a look at how it feels in our bodies when we listen to our inner bitch
  • The first step in order to create a container for pleasure
  • Where she is showing up, outside of the bedroom
  • Telling her to “f*** off” doesn’t actually work
  • What does our inner bitch need? 

 As always, it has been my absolute pleasure to share this with you today. I hope that you are able to see more about why it is so important to treat ourselves with kindness, and that it begins with speaking to ourselves with love, compassion, and acceptance. And that acceptance applies to all of us, not just parts of us. 


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