Sexual fantasies can be a lot of fun as something to incorporate into your pleasure and maybe even something you share with your partner. However, for many of the women I work with, fantasies bring on feelings of shame and judgement. A lot of clients are worried about what their fantasies might say about them and who they are, especially if it is out of alignment with how they view themselves. Let’s really take a look at understanding where these fantasies come from and how to remove the guilt and shame so that they can be used to spark your desire and your pleasure and help you become a more turned on woman.


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Topics In This Episode

  • The inherent vulnerability in opening up about our desires
  • Looking at what our fantasies are at their base, and what they become when we assign meaning to them
  • When your fantasies don’t line up with who you think you are
  • The responses in our bodies when we feel shame, and the effect that has on our pleasure
  • How to approach our fantasies so that we can learn from them
  • What does your fantasy show you, especially beyond the surface level?
  • Examining two of the most common fantasies that I hear from clients


As always it’s been my absolute pleasure to share this episode with you that is all about sexual fantasies and how you might start to look at them differently so that you can proceed and help them become a purposeful path to you having some mindblowing sex.



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