I know you have heard me talk about the transformations that my clients get, but there is something so powerful about hearing from the clients themselves and having them on to share their stories. And that is why I have invited Morgan on the podcast this week! She is a graduate of the Better Sex in 90 Days program and I have continued to see her grow through the ongoing community calls I offer to my clients, in order to help with continual support.


She came to the program as a bit of a skeptic. After previously seeking therapy for past sexual trauma and it not being very helpful for her, she knew that she wanted to see change in her sex life, but she wasn’t sure if coaching and the program was going to be a fit for her. In this episode, she shares why she decided to go for it, some of the biggest transformations she experienced, and how it has impacted her work as a coach.


Better Sex in 90 Days is now open for enrollment! If you’re ready to feel sexy, fully whole, and wildly playful, then I invite you to join us. You will learn how to identify everything holding you back from pleasure, and how to compassionately connect with your body in a loving and juicy way so that you can be present in your sex life and beyond. To join, go to https://daniellesavory.com/group/.

And if you have any questions about this program or if you want to make sure that it is a good fit for you? Email us  team@daniellesavory.com We are happy to answer any question you may have or set up a consultation call.

Topics In This Episode:

  • How Morgan knew that she still needed help with her sex life, even after seeking therapy
  • Identifying the results she wanted to create
  • Having problems with your sex life isn’t only for people who are married with children
  • The next-level growth she received from the group environment, as opposed to one-on-one coaching
  • What it looked like when she was able to love herself more
  • Morgan’s biggest transformation


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