What if there was a simple tool to help you and your partner be able to communicate better, and be able to talk about sex better? That’s the exact thing that Maggie Reyes is here to talk about today! She is a dear friend of mine and a marriage coach, who helps high-achieving women have five-star marriages. In our conversation today, we talk about just how crucial communication is for a marriage and the sex within that relationship.   Maggie breaks down soul-centered communication, how to identify when you or your partner are in the stress cycle, and really how to prepare and have productive conversations with your partner around sex. I really enjoyed this conversation with Maggie and know that this will be so helpful for you when it comes to pursuing your pleasure.  

Topics In This Episode

  • How you can make change in your marriage/partnership when only YOU are doing the work
  • What is SOUL-Centered Communication?
  • How to use this powerful tool right now to have vulnerable or challenging conversations about sex with your partner.
  • The difference between making requests vs demands
  • How prioritizes yourself impacts those around you.
  • The worst time to problem solve with your partner
  • Why safety is key when communicating to your partner about sex and how to do this


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