On this episode of the It’s My Pleasure Podcast I share a LIVE training I did inside the Sey Revamp about alllllll the fears and questions that come up around joining Better Sex in 90 Days. Because the DO come up. 


You want to join to the Better Sex in 90 Days Program and really just continue this journey BUT there are things that your brain is bringing up for you, like always happens when we make a big decision, right? 


Of course all of the things are going to happen when you’re making a big decision to invest your time, to invest your money, to invest your energy. 


PLUS of course this feels extra scary, women owning their pleasure has NOT felt safe in this society NOR has it ever been encouraged.


This is your brain freaking out about the uncertainty of it all. Of taking that big leap and saying YES to focusing on a part of your life you aren’t use to doing.


And this is why we’re here, we’re here to talk about all of it, because I really want you to be able to make a decision. I want you to feel confident in your decision. 


IIn this episode we talked about all the fears and worries and concerns that might be coming up so that you can work through those and make a decision aligned with what you most desire. Plus answer all the questions you might have.


We discussed:

  • The fear that comes up on both sides – fear of not joining the program and fear of joining the program – all all that might bring up
  • Choosing your discomfort and leaning into the discomfort of growth
  • How proud I am of what you’ve already done 


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