Women are unhappy with their sex lives, this is no new news. But despite that it isn’t all that in the bedroom, they are afraid to do this work because of what they may find out about themselves, and how it could possibly negatively affect other areas of their lives. This was also true for my client Whitney, who was unsure where this work would take her after coming out last year as bisexual. Whitney has come on the podcast this week to share with you the powerful transformation she experienced through facing her fears and really setting her relationship with herself as a priority in a whole new way. In our conversation, she shares the total empowerment she now gets to feel on a daily basis, in the bedroom and in all aspects of her life, as a result of learning the tools that I share in the Better Sex in 90 Days program. To learn more about this group coaching program, go to https://daniellesavory.com/group/


Topics In This Episode

  • Approaching the shame around sex and overcoming it
  • Orgasms are not the same as pleasure
  • When we are holding ourselves back from exploring
  • The power in getting support. You don’t have to go it alone!
  • Untangling the codependence of pleasure with a partner
  • Finding liberation from letting go of things that are not your responsibility
  • Creating safety and compassion for yourself, and how it serves you in all areas of your life
  • Seeing sex as a barometer for how you are treating yourself


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