I work 1:1 with smart and successful women to have a better sex life.

Clients who are ready to work with me are:

  • High achieving women who have a lot on their plate and sex has not been a priority.

  • Have accomplished a lot in your life but have a sense that you are missing something or are simply ready for that NEXT level.

  • Understand the importance of personal growth and are ready to have more pleasure, purpose, presence and profit in all areas of their life.

  • Want more than just the “quick fix” and are ready to take a closer look at how both their mind and body contribute to their overall relationship with their sexual self.

The work is about incorporating ALL of you.


Through working together you will understand:

  • that leaving out your sexual pleasure is leaving out an entire part of who you are and what you are capable of

  • how to unlock more awareness, creativity and energy in every are of your life

  • how to manage your mind around everything (your business, money, your relationship, parenting, traffic, etc) that is holding you back from reaching your pleasure potential

  • how to connect deeply with your body and all that it has to offer you

My approach . . .

I use cutting edge research in neuroscience and psychology and the practical tools and skills of mindfulness and coaching to get you pleasurable results in your sex life. My coaching style is a no BS approach, sprinkled with humor and ton of love.

How to work with me . . .

I only work with a limited number of 1:1 highly dedicated clients at a time. To hop on the phone and see if this is a good fit please click the button to apply below.

I didn’t know what to expect before signing up for weekly coaching sessions, I just knew I needed additional tools to help me draw clearer boundaries in my life. Danielle had come highly recommended and so I took the leap. I can honestly say that this coaching has gone over and beyond anything I could have ever imagined. From our insightful coaching phone conversations- including guided meditations, to the daily and weekly homework assignments, and the heart felt follow ups I couldn’t be more grateful. I understand what the word coach means now… I truly have someone on my side to motivate and push me to places I haven’t gone before. I am stronger and wiser for it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.