I help smart, successful women have a mind-blowing sex life. 

A woman who understands her pleasure potential is truly unstoppable. It is a level of growth that is unparalleled to any other. This work isn’t about quick fixes, it is about exploring your mind in an entirely advanced way in order to tap into the sexual pleasure available to you. My intention is to equip and empower as many woman as possible to have a mind-blowing sex life and as a result experience more purpose, pleasure, presence and profit in all areas of her life and business.


“How to KNOW and ASK for what you want in the bedroom”

When I reached out to Danielle, I was not quite sure what I was looking for. I was curious and simply knew I wanted to connect. Now, looking back, I see that what has come of our coaching sessions is something I could never have quite intended. Danielle’s tender and brainy support has helped me inch my way to a daily meditation practice, mindful living and, most importantly, a genuine sense of compassion for myself. What is more is that although I have shed some tears throughout the process, Danielle’s style is infused with laughter and keeps things interesting and fun. It’s been an absolute pleasure!