I was first introduced to yoga and meditative practices back in 2008. I was originally attracted to yoga because my chronic pain was limiting all of my usual physical activities. As I dove deeper into the practice and into myself, I learned the benefits of the mind-body connection—physiologically, mentally, and beyond. As life continued to challenge me—as everyone’s life does—I found that I was able to rise above simply enduring with these practices as part of my daily routine. Inspired to share this ancient tool in the modern world with others I received my 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2012.

Since then I have became a certified life coach, serving others one-on-one to help move past limiting beliefs and reach their potential. I also have continued to increased my knowledge base by training and learning through a variety of world-renowned leaders in meditation, self-compassion, somatics, and self-help including Martha Beck, Rick Hanson, Kristin Neff, Christopher Germer, Michael Stone, and Amy Matthews. My biology and neuroscience education complement these ancient teachings and allow be to create a nice bridge between science and the ‘woo-woo’. My approach is matter-of-fact, personable and humorous sprinkled with a sh*t load of love.

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