Radical Results.

(And really great sex, too.)

I’m Danielle Savory,

I’m Danielle Savory,

master coach to high-acheiving women ready to have better sex lives.

It’s easy to let the ambitions, the partner, the kids, the dog, and everything else take precedence over what you really want. Especially when sex isn’t about YOU, doesn’t fill you up, or leave you feeling more energized, but rather feels like a chore or obligation, something else to drain your day.

Women are taught early and often that our pleasure isn’t important, especially when it comes to sex and the consequences are real and lasting. From unsatisfying sex, to being afraid to ask for what you really want,  to dimming your light and not showing up fully in your power as a woman who has her own needs and desires.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You want to want it. You want to be turned on – by your partner, by yourself, by your life.  You want hot passionate magnetic sex – and despite what society depicts this doesn’t come naturally or easily – especially in modern day and especially in long-term monogamous relationships.

There is a science and a specific process to develop the mindset for fabulous sex and as your coach, it’s my mission to compassionately walk you through this process so that you feel confident in your sexual prowess.

So how did I get here anyway?

Like you, I am a highly ambitious woman living in a modern world, where sex, honestly isn’t that relevant. I’ve got the business, the young kiddos, a dog, a crazy life, and a 17 year monogamous relationship with my hubs – but despite all the things, my sex life is more loving and passionate than it has ever been. 

I have never loved myself more fully than I do now – and I have coached so many women to create the same for themselves.

You are wired for extreme pleasure.

I’m Danielle Savory,

And yet, so many other factors you are faced with in modern living get in the way of that pleasure. 

Mind-blowing sex is possible – but don’t expect it to just happen to you. Just like you don’t expect you will make a million dollars in your business by hope and chance, there is skill to be developed. 

There is a science that makes it all work. 

And then there is the commitment and dedication to integrate these skills so  you feel confident in your sexual abilities for years to come.

Together, we’ll create the environment for pleasure to enter, and then YOU experience all of the mind-blowing orgasms that follow.

You aren’t broken and you aren’t missing any ONE thing.

Look, you don’t need to bring sexy back. You don’t need your partner to be different. You don’t even need more goddamn time. You don’t need to change your body or your outfits or your positions to become a sexual master. 

You start by learning to love who you are and where you are.

I will teach you everything you need to know to fall madly and deeply in love with yourself so you can open up and prioritize pleasure. You can trust your body and know how to turn yourself on and off. You can discover how to allow pleasure to enter so that you catapult into ecstatic states.

I have helped so many women learn how to appreciate themselves, remove their blocks to pleasure, and then start experiencing the best sex of their lives.

Because here’s what I know: A woman who understands how to turn her desire on and off and then go after it? That woman is unstoppable.

And guess what? You can be that kind of woman. 

Danielle Savory is a master coach helping high-acheiving women have mind-blowing sex lives. Host of the podcast, “It’s my Pleasure”, Danielle’s work is at the intersection of neuroscience and sex and focuses on empowering women through better undersatnding and communicating their desires. She’s been featured in a number of podcasts and is known for taking a smart, humorous approach to an often delicate subject. Danielle lives in Portland, OR with her two kids, husband, and adorable puppy.

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